Second Day

by Misty

Rating – R

I do not own: Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy , 20th Century Fox, UPN, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, any of the characters, or anything related to them. What I do own: My imagination.

The second day of school, now that the “Talisman” thing has occurred, both Buffy and Dawn are being hyper-cautious about the goings on at Sunnydale HS. Dawn was elated to find out that her sister was to be an outreach counselor at the school, giving her a feeling of security, just knowing that Buffy would be close by. As luck would have it, Buffy had to take care of some business at the bank, so would be gone from the school most of the morning.


The halls suddenly became a mass of moving student bodies. Classrooms began emptying and filling simultaneously.

“Dawn! Where’re you headed?”

“Hey Kit. Well, I thought I would take a look down in the basement for a minute. Have you seen Carlos?”

“Not since before school, he was standing across the street trying to finish a cig. He’s got it bad.”

“Yah, he needs to stop, those things will kill you.”

“Are you sure you should be going down in the basement?”

“Oh, no worry, haven’t seen any big bads since yesterday and the Talisman was destroyed.”

“Ok, well, maybe I’ll catch you after the next class.”

“Ok Kit”

Dawn turned and found the door to the basement with the red tag saying “No Admittance” for students, and looking up and down the hall to make sure no one was watching, quickly slipped in the door and began descending the basement steps.

She kept telling herself that she just wanted to take a look around, but there was something else. Last night, Buffy had mentioned that she had seen Spike in the basement.

She reached the bottom of the stairs, the dimly lit basement didn’t look too inviting, but Dawn decided to take a tour anyway. Partly to relive the excitement of yesterday’s encounter, even though it had been scary, Dawn felt herself drawn to it. She crept along the empty corridor, stopping every so often to listen, when…

“Whaaaat are yoooou doooing heerrre?”

The question came more as a chilling breath of air than a voice. Dawn turned and her eyes became large and round as she found herself staring at something that was definitely not human, and not alive, but it was. “Auugh!” Dawn yelped as she took off running down the dark corridor. She ran until she was out of breath, turned and the corridor was empty. But now she was deep within the basement, a long way from the stars. She was beginning to realize that this was a very very bad idea. She decided that maybe she should head back to the…..

“Come here my little treat, so young and freshhhh!”

The thing was inches from her, she could feel the stale, cold, breath and smell the smell of death coming from it.


In an instant Spike was there and somehow grabbed the thing from the behind and threw it against the opposite wall.

“Come on!”

Dawn followed Spike down another corridor and into a dark room. Spike turned and locked the door.

“Dawn, what are you doing down here and where, where is your sister? Think you would’ve known better after yesterday.”

“Spike, I,” Dawn was trembling, she felt scared, grateful and something else.

Spike stood looking at her and noticed her trembling.

“Hey, your safe now, have a seat.”

Dawn sat on a box along the wall and began looking around the room.

“That’s my Nibblet.”

While she was looking the opposite direction, Spike reached out to give her a touch, she turned, he quickly pulled back. Dawn had noticed, and she remember one other time when he had done the same thing, right after Glory had taken Tara’s mind.


“Ya” Click, light puff, Spike taking a long drag from a cig.

“Why do you do that?”

“What’s that?”

“Reach out to touch me, then pull back like that?”

“Like what?”

“Spike, I saw you. You did that one other time too, I’m not stupid.”

“Hey, Nibblet, I was just…”

“Why are you afraid to touch me?”

Spike stood close to Dawn, looking into those beautiful spectrum blue eyes and found himself at a complete loss for words,

“Well, I, I,…”

Dawn began to sense that maybe there was something else. She had always had a crush on Spike, he has cool hair and wears cool clothes and stuff. She looked up into that handsomely rugged face and felt herself standing, coming within inches of Spike. She could feel his warmth! Her eyes became big and round, she found herself reaching out and touching his face….it was warm!

“Spike, you are not cold!”

“How can you,”

Then she noticed that his color was somewhat different than before, he was pale, but definitely not dead.

“Spike, you..”

Dawn noticed the cuts in his chest and pulled his shirt to one side,

“What happened?”

“I tried to cut it out.”

“Cut what out?” Spike looked at Dawn, into those beautiful innocent blue eyes, and realized he was crying.

“I, I tried to cut my soul out.”

“Your soul, you, you have a soul, how?”

Dawn felt a deep sense of compassion coming up from within her and found herself holding Spike while he sobbed. She found herself crying with him. They stood for what seemed like an eternity, although it was only a moment. Dawn looked up into his penetrating eyes and, Spike leaned down, and the holding became an embrace and a kiss filled with passion. After what seemed like hours, yet was only a few seconds, the kiss ended. Dawn stood looking into Spike’s eyes and could feel his hurt and could sense his agony.

“Dawn, I, I don’t know what…I”

She reached up and put her hand on his mouth.

“Its okay Spike, really, its okay.” He reached out his trembling hand and began caressing her arm, her shoulder, neck, and she responded pulling closer to him and looked up and their lips found each other once again. Dawn could feel his desire, his maleness. His other hand began to search. She pulled back and looked up at Spike. Her eyes became wide and round. She knew what he wanted and what she found herself wanting, but,….”

“Spike, I, I can’t, not now, not yet.”

“Alright Nibblet.”

“No, I mean, Spike.”

Dawn found herself at a loss for words, she could feel the desire yet at the same time realized that this wasn’t love, it was something else.

“I need to get out of here, would you help me?”

Spike, looking a little dazed and a little mad, “anything for you.”

A few minutes later Dawn found herself in the restroom putting herself back together.

“Hey, what ya doing?”

“Oh, hi Buffy.”

“Are we skipping class?”

“No, just had to stop for a sec,” Dawn giving Buffy a soft peck on the cheek heading into the hall and to her class.

— The End —