Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
When Angels Weep

By The Oracle

Rating – PG-13

What I don’t own. Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and everything related to it What I do own. Everything not owned by the above mentioned people / companies is owned by me but you may use any of it as long as you give me credit, the only exception to this is Quinton Everett III as this character is based on me you can’t use it without getting my approval first

None for the series I think [I haven't seen any of season 6 so you draw your own conclusions], one small one for Buffonia’s story ‘Zoom from the Moon’

Author’s Note
This story is based on an idea from The Anonymus Reviewer and is set after Buffonia’s story ‘Zoom from the Moon’ [Read it if you can it's a great story].

Author’s Note 2
If you notice some discontinuities and small changes in personalities don’t worry, all will be explained (He, He, He, I’m pulling a Joss and hinting at things that are gonna happen further down the track).

Author’s Note 3
Chapter 3 is written in both first person (“Blah,” I said. ) and third person (“Blah,” Dawn said). The first person is what is happening in the present, and the third person is what has happened in the past.

Major thanks go to Buffonia for beta’ing this story

Tara had been shot and killed by Warren in Buffy’s house, Buffy too had been shot. Willow had succumbed to her darkest urges because of Tara’s death, this had driven her over the edge and into the abyss of dark magick. Willow had saved Buffy, but she couldn’t bring Tara back

To end her pain Willow set her mind to destroy the world, through any means she could. Xander was sent to try and talk her down, while Giles and Anya attempted to drain her magick. Xander had managed to talk Willow out of destroying the world, but Giles and Anya were unable to drain her magick. Willow still felt the need to bring Tara back, so she began to petition the darkest, most powerful and most vengeful of ancient deities