Dawn Summers – No Longer A Kid?

by Oracle

Rating – PG

Any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. I do not own any of the characters, or anything related to them. What I do own: My imagination.

Dawn sat on her bed writing in her diary.

“Xander is so much cuter than anyone. And smarter too. He totally skipped college and got a job working construction. Which is so kind of … deep, you know? He builds things. And he’s brave too, Just last week he went undercover to stop that Dracula guy.”

“Xander treats everyone like an equal. He doesn’t look down on people, Even when he should.”

“He says I’m like a kid sister… but sometimes when he looks at me, I feel like he sees me as I am… as a woman.”

Dawn paused in her writing, her mind flashing back over the 4 years they had known each other.

Dawn crept quietly along the tunnels under Sunnydale, she was following Angel and Xander, who she could see just up ahead.

They reached an intersection and stopped. Angel looked in both directions, trying to remember the way. He suddenly remembered and walked past Xander.

“This way.” Angel said quietly, before looking at Xander, “What?”

“You were looking at my neck.” Xander accused.


“You were checking out my neck! I saw that!” Xander said as he moved to follow Angel

“No, I wasn’t!”

“Just keep your distance, pal.”

“I wasn’t looking at your neck!”

“I told you to eat before we left.”

Dawn couldn’t help it, she giggled at that, it was just so funny.

Angel spun round, “Who’s there?”

“Dawn?” Xander called.

Dawn came out and hung her head sheepishly.

“I thought I told you to stay home?”

“Yeah,” Dawn said sourly.

“It’s not safe for you here,” Angel said.

“I can take anything Buffy can.”

“Dawnie, you have to go home,” Xander said.

“No,” Dawn said she dashed past Xander and Angel and ran down the tunnel.

“Dawn!” Xander called after her.

At the end of the tunnel was the Master’s lair. There are hundreds of candles burning everywhere.

“Welcome.” The Master’s voice seemed to be coming from all directions.

“Thanks for having me.”

The Master stepped into the light to look at her.

“Y’know, you really oughtta talk to your contractor. Looks like you got some water damage.”

“Oh, good. The feeble banter portion of the fight. Why don’t we just cut to the…”

Buffy spun around and launched a bolt in the direction of his voice. With his lightning reflexes the Master caught it in mid-flight right in front of him at chest level. Buffy quickly reloaded the bow.

“Nice shot… You’re not going to kill me with that thing,” The Master said.

“Don’t be so sure.”

“You still don’t understand your part in all this, do you? You are not the hunter. You are the lamb.”

Buffy walked slowly around, searching for the Master. She came upon a dead and rotted body. She continued her search.

“You know, for someone who’s all powerful, you sure do like to hide.”

“I’m waiting for you. I want this moment to last,” the Master’s voice echoed around the cavern.

“Well, I don’t.”

She searched for a few moments longer, then suddenly the Master appeared right behind her.

“Buffy! Look Out!” cried Dawn as she rushed into the cavern and saw the Master about to strike.

“Dawn?” Buffy said in surprise.

The Master knocked the crossbow out of her hands. He grabbed her by the neck. The Master waited a moment longer and then bent down and bit her at the base of her neck. He drank a few sips and let go of her.

“Oh, God! The power!” the Master cried as Buffy fell to her knees.

“And by the way…” the Master said as she fell face down into the pool of water. “I like your dress.”

He stepped over to the edge of his confines and pushed against the field. He forced his hand through, and his confines break down in a burst of light and energy. He started up and out of his lair.

“Buffy!” screamed Dawn as she rushed to her side and pulled her out of the water.

Angel came running into the cavern, followed closely by Xander.

“Xander! Help! She’s dead!” Dawn cried.

Xander and Angel ran to her side, Xander knelt down next to her.

“She’s not breathing! We have to do C.P.R.!” Dawn told him.

Dawn shook her head as she brought herself back to the present. She suddenly realised that even though back then she didn’t know how she felt, she knew she liked hanging out with him, and even more when Anya wasn’t round.

“He’s so cute,” Dawn sighed.

Buffy came down the stairs but Dawn pushed past her, her long brunette hair flowing out behind her from under her witches hat, and rushed to open the door for Xander.

“Xander!” Dawn cried in excitement.

He entered saluting with his toy rifle in his hand, “Private Harris reporting for…” he pauses when he sees Dawn in her costume “Dawnster, love the hat, and that cute little wart,” he said with a smile.

Xander turned and noticed Buffy standing there, “Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex!”

Dawn’s face fell when she heard him say that.

Buffy curtseyed “Thank you, kind sir,” Xander bowed, “But wait till you see…”

The three of them turned to look up the stairs at Willow. She came down the stairs wearing the ghost sheet she’d brought earlier, It had ‘BOO!’ written on the front in large bold letters.

“Hi,” she said sheepishly.

“…Casper,” Buffy finished.

“Hey, Will! That’s a-a-a fine boo you got there,” Xander said looking her up and down.

Buffy looks disappointedly at her while Xander just stared and Dawn broke into a fit of giggling.

Dawn looked down at her diary, while she had been remembering, her hand had idly drawn, in the margin of the book, D.S. 4 X.H. and surrounded it by a love heart.

She sat there and stared at it for a second.

Dawn ran up to the front door, pausing for a second to fix her hair. She’s got on a tight short dress. She opened the door to reveal Xander standing there holding a pizza.

“Dawn patrol,” he said.

“Hey,” Dawn said with a huge smile.

“Check this out, they put cheese on round bread. It’s gonna be big.” He said as he came in. Dawn watched him with a smile as her mom appeared

“Xander, thanks for doing this,” she said.

“Total non-sweat.”

“Again, thanks for coming. Oh, uh, here is my card. If you have any problems, you just call me on the cell phone,” Joyce gave Xander her card.

“Have fun. Not too much fun, though.”

“Dawn, be good” she said as she bent to kiss her goodbye.

“Oh, we will. We’re just gonna play with matches, run with scissors, take candy from … some guy … I don’t know his name.” Xander said winking at Dawn.

Joyce left and Dawn, smiled at Xander, and started to shut the door. Suddenly Anya appeared in the doorway, stopping Dawn from closing the door. Anya’s got a stack of board-game boxes.

“Hello there, little girl,” She said in a cheerful voice.

Dawn’s happy expression turned to one of dismay.

“We are gonna have fun, fun, fun. Look, I’ve got Monopoly, Clue, and ooh, the Game of Life! That sounds good!” Anya said to Dawn, she was talking to her as if she was a young child.

Dawn looked upset as she closed the door.

Later on Dawn was complaining about her sister to Xander and Anya, “…hand and foot, getting her own way. Always the favourite.”

Spread out on the low table in front of her is the Game of Life, and surrounding that various junk food. Dawn was eating a bowl of ice cream.

“You nut. Your mom loves you both equally. But if I’m wrong, I find money usually helps tip the scale. Slip Joyce a 10 or a 20 once in a while. Then we’ll see who’s the favourite,” Xander told her.

Dawn smiled at him

“Here comes the judge!” Xander said in a funny voice looking down at the board before giving Dawn a big goofy grin.

Dawn shook her head, she couldn’t believe this, she was seriously considering that she liked Xander.

“Well, he does sometimes look at me like I’m a woman, not just a silly kid,” she said to herself.

She shook her head again and brought the eraser down to erase the love heart with the initials in them. She paused, with the eraser just above it.

“How much do I like him?” she asked herself.


— The End —