Why Is This Blood?


This image was developed from the scene in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 5, “Blood Ties.”

This episode, featured Michelle Trachtenberg, in the character of Dawn, learning that she is “The Key.” Dawn was feeling that everyone was always acting “weird” around her. During Buffy’s birthday party, Dawn slipped out her bedroom window, down a trelles, and ran into Spike as she was backing away from her house. Leading to another memormable scene. Dawn turns and immediately gives an “eeeek” and says to Spike “Lurk much?” Spike answers, “I’m not lurking, just standing about, totally different vibe.” Dawn asks Spike to go to the Magic Shop with her to “steal things.” After Spike helps her break in, he learns that they are there to find a book. Dawn finds the book and begins reading about what Giles had written about the monks and the key. As she continues reading she becomes aware that what Giles is writing about sounds like her, then Spike takes the book and begins reading, leading to one of the more unforgetable scenes in the series, whereby Spike reads about how the monks sent the key, “in the form of a sister, to the Slayer who would protect it with her life.” Looking at Dawn, says, “I guess that’s you Littlebit.” The next scene is where the above image is developed from and where the audio comes from. While Buffy, Willow and Tara are sitting in the living room talking, Tara suddenly looks up and says, “oh, my god.” There stands Dawn holding a knife and her bleeding arm out…

{script follows}

Dawn: “is this blood?”

Buffy: “Dawn?” (sounds of running)

Joyce Summers: “Baby”

Buffy: “what did you do?”

Dawn: “this is blood isn’t it, it can’t be me, I’m not a key, I’m not a thing”

Joyce Summers: “Sweetie no, what’s this all about?”

Dawn: “what am I, am I real, am I anything?”